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Memorial Planning for our Animal Companions

I am committed to reminding people that love is eternal. Those once in our hearts may pass physically, but we hold that shared devotion and love forever.

Bonnie Berger has experienced the healing power of ceremony and ritual with the bereaved
As an Interfaith Minister, I have experienced the healing power of ceremony and ritual with the bereaved. When the time nears for the animal to cross the "Rainbow Bridge" to a realm free of pain and the physical limitations of their body, the grief and pain of those who remain is palpable. Let me help you through the transitions of letting go and honoring your beloved companion.

I offer spiritual assistance in:

  • Preparing to Lose a Pet.

    Bonnie Berger will help you prepare spiritually and emotionally
    While it is difficult to believe that a beloved animal companion is critically ill and may not recover, there are steps that can be taken beforehand that can begin to prepare us spiritually and emotionally to face the loss.

  • Creating Memorial Ceremonies.

    Sharing the loss with others who have been touched by the love of our animal companions can be a beautiful way to honor their memory. Any faith tradition—or no faith tradition—can be incorporated into a ceremony.

  • Designing Healing Rituals.

    Rituals can be important tools for assisting us to move through a loss. As time passes, specific and custom created rituals can help us move through grief.

Bonnie Berger can assist you through your transition
I am available to meet with you to discuss the possibility of assisting you at this time of transition, or, if more convenient, arrangements can be made for a phone consult.

Please contact me for additional information. I look forward to partnering with you as we honor your steadfast animal companion.

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Member—Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement. The APLB is a nonprofit association of concerned volunteers who are experienced and knowledgeable in the tender subject of pet death and mourning.

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