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  • Celebrating Love
    June 23, 2015

    We can not say enough about Reverend Bonnie. She made the ceremony personal, caring, and special. She was genuinely excited for us and our day. She can adjust the ceremony to make it more or less religious as you like. Reverend Bonnie literally made our day. There was not a dry eye in the room when she was done. We recommend her to anyone who is looking for an officiant.

  • Celebrating Love
    July 26, 2015; College Park, MD

    From the first meeting we loved Rev. Bonnie. She was very positive and joyful and genuinely seemed like she wanted to be part of our special day. Throughout the months leading up to our big day, she was there anytime we needed her, she even referred us to our Pre Marital Care Provider since it was a service she didn't provide. No bases went uncovered. Our ceremony was very customized and blended perfectly with both of our rituals as we wanted. We both feel as though we could share any and everything with Rev. Bonnie as she made herself easily accessible and provided a listening ear. We highly recommend choosing Rev. Bonnie to complete your own special day!

  • Celebrating Love
    September 5, 2015; Potomac, MD

    Reverend Bonnie Berger was a phenomenal officiant! I remember our first meeting in a coffee shop. Rev. Bonnie made us feel at ease with her warm smile and light-hearted sense of humor. I had no idea how to plan the ceremony since I was raised Hindu and he was raised Christian. Our mothers made their faiths a personal choice and did not mind mixing elements of Hinduism and Christianity into the ceremony. Rev. Bonnie was open-minded throughout the whole process of planning the ceremony. During our second meeting, she invited us into her home and asked us questions about how we met, what we cherished most about each other...etc. She created the most GENUINE and BEAUTIFUL message for our ceremony. As I write this, I'm becoming tearful because it was the most personable message that was created just for US. The advice she provided will forever echo in our hearts and I'm so thankful that we met her. We received SO many compliments after our wedding in reference to Rev. Berger officiating our ceremony. She was personable and there were moments of laughter throughout because of her on-point humor! Thank you Rev. Bonnie!!

  • Celebrating Love
    August 15, 2015; Arlington, VA

    We hired Reverend Bonnie for our medium sized wedding in Arlington. She was amazing. She was patient with us, even though we had a hard time making decisions about the ceremony. She guided us through a few of the tougher decisions. My favorite part of her ceremony was the "Statements of Love" she had us write for each other. Even though it took us a while to write them, and we were literally making changes at the last minute, she insisted that we get them done and send her a copy so she could review them before the big day. She was right to do so. It was the most touching part of the ceremony when my wife and I read them to each other. Every one of our guests loved her too. The three most common compliments we received about the wedding were (in order): 1) Rev. Bonnie was wonderful. It was a beautiful ceremony. 2) The beer selection was amazing. 3) The food was great.

  • Celebrating Love
    June 20, 2015

    It was an absolute pleasure working with Rev Bonnie. The services she provided were both professional and reasonable. My wife and I could not have chosen anyone better. I would highly recommend her services.

  • Celebrating Love
    May 5, 2015

    The ceremony was perfect. Everything one could hope for!

  • Celebrating Love
    January 13, 2015

    Rev. Bonnie was incredible! My husband and I were so happy with our special day, it was more perfect than I could even imagine! Everyone of our family members also agreed that your ceremony was beautiful, it really summed up our relationship and created a great feeling for the rest of our day! She was very responsive and helped us create a magical and memorable ceremony! I would recommend her ten times over to everyone looking for an officiant!

  • Celebrating Love
    September 13, 2015

    This was clearly our first time encountering a wedding pastor and Reverend Berger was awesome!!! Before we got married, she saw that it was important to get to know more about us as individuals and as a couple and build a relationship. She was very organized and helped keep us on track with our tasks at hand. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about her craft. She provided us with the resources we needed to make important wedding decisions and was available to answer any questions we had. On our wedding day, she really graced our ceremony with such professionalism and poise!!! She received many compliments from our guests and I'm sure she will acquire new clients too!! We appreciate her blessing our union and having such a positive and genuine spirit!!! We felt really comfortable with her as our officiant and appreciated her believing in our marriage and being non-judgmental. She also left us with a lovely parting gift as well!! Reverend Berger comes highly recommended.

  • Celebrating Love
    October 1, 2015

    Ring in Love (Rev. Bonnie) is awesome! She was fun to work with, very professional, and made the process very easy. She helped my husband and I to choose the perfect ceremony style that fit us best.

  • Celebrating Love
    April 14, 2016

    Rev. Bonnie's ceremony was perfect for us and was truly filled with emotion, composed with grace, and a balanced understanding of our story. Throughout the entire wedding experience Rev. Bonnie was always warm, attentive, positive, and thoughtful, always making time to address any challenges and concerns with creative solutions and cheerful determination. On our big day Rev. Bonnie was like a friend I'd known for years - making my husband and I laugh, feel comfortable and light-hearted. Our wedding ceremony was one breathtakingly precious moment after another! The ceremony was intimate, beautiful, and wonderfully crafted, and we were absolutely delighted! When I look back at that moment, I'm reminded of all that I was feeling and I'm able to revisit those emotions with endless joy! Rev. Bonnie's devotion and determination, and her love for love, will surely stand the test of time and continue to make every couple's special day unforgettable. A huge thank you to Rev. Bonnie for giving us an everlasting gift that we will cherish forever!

  • Celebrating Love
    October 8, 2016; Cary, NC

    Rev. Bonnie was amazing. She created a wedding ceremony that was perfectly tailored to our wishes and that was reflective of our relationship. She also drove through a hurricane (literally) to get to our wedding. She was always available to answer questions and was very responsive. I would highly recommend Rev. Bonnie as a wedding ceremony officiant. I am still impressed by how wonderful our ceremony was and am very glad that she was our officiant.

  • Celebrating Love
    October 15, 2016; Morrisville, NC

    My now husband and I wanted a small, very personal ceremony in our backyard and weren't sure what we needed to do to make that happen. We found Rev. Bonnie on Wedding Wire and she was fantastic! She gave us guidance on how to make our ceremony perfect for us, and was just the type of presence and person that we wanted to perform it. She gave us a beautiful ceremony and beautiful day. :)

  • Celebrating Love
    June 11, 2016

    Rev. Bonnie really made our day really special by incorporating how we met and the things we liked into our ceremony. It's really nice how she also counseled us on the importance of marriage, compromise, and how to be an effective support system for one another.

  • Celebrating Love
    June 6, 2015; Takoma Park, MD

    After our wedding ceremony my wife, and I concluded that we were very thrilled with Rev. Bonnie preforming our wedding ceremony; in fact, she made us feel very relaxed, she talked us through our wedding, and no, we did not do any walk through,or rehearsals. In addition, Rev. Bonnie gathered our history, and passed this information on to our guests, her vow selection and prayers were excellent. During our wedding ceremony our wedding vows were given in short verses that were clear and easy to repeat; furthermore, Rev. Bonnie's prayers were appropriate for all faiths. In fact, our wedding ceremony was wonderful, we just wished that we had invited more people; maybe we can repeat our wedding vows in the future. If so, I will certainly have Rev Bonnie conducting our ceremony.

  • Celebrating Love

    In a city with an abundance of wedding officiants, Rev. Bonnie stood out to us as someone who had the right mix of intelligence, flexibility, and sensitivity that we were looking for. We met with her twice via Skype to discuss our elopement ceremony. We wrote our own vows and then asked her to give us some "words of wisdom" on marriage as part of the ceremony. She gave a beautiful speech that struck just the right chord for us. We couldn't recommend Rev. Bonnie more highly!

  • Celebrating Love

    My life partner of 43 years and I were legally married by Rev. Bonnie on 05/05/2014 in Washington DC. As we were from out-of-state, she handled for us all the bureaucratic work, which allowed us to spend less time away from home. We were thrilled with her ability to relate to so many different spiritual and religious paths. More than clients, she cared about us as human beings. She conducted the ceremony in a most professional, compassionate manner, which made it unforgettable. Nothing went wrong, every detail was edifying. When we renew our vows, or friends talk about ceremonies for couples, guess who we'll be sure to have in mind? Rev. Bonnie!"

  • Celebrating Love

    Rev. Bonnie married us at Dumbarton in Georgetown last month. From meeting her, to working with her on our ceremony, the actual ceremony, and wrapping things up...she was amazing! When we met her, we felt like we already knew her...she is so warm and insightful...just a beautiful soul! She really took the time to get to know us, was very responsive/timely/professional, and put her heart and soul into the words she spoke at our wonderful ceremony. She took care of getting all of our paperwork processed and even sent us a little thank you gift in the end. We feel so lucky that we found her! She said to us...if there are no tears or laughter...then I haven't done my job...AND she did do her job! People were so moved by her and our ceremony. It was a dream come true...full of love and beauty! Thank you, Rev. Bonnie!!

  • Celebrating Love

    Rev. Bonnie was an excellent choice. She made our special day wonderful. Her flexibility with crafting a service that was both sacred and secular was perfect. I have family members who never miss church and others for whom church is a place to go for weddings and funerals. Rev. Bonnie hit it spot on for everyone and it made our day special not only for us but for our I entire family.

  • Celebrating Love

    Reverend Bonnie was able to work with our schedule on a relatively short notice to officiate our wedding in Falls Church, VA. We met with her over a Skype call in which she asked us several questions about our relationship. After getting to know us better, she used this information to interweave into the ceremony to keep it personalized and touching. The ceremony was a healthy blend of the audience crying and laughing and everything was beautiful! She was able to create a balance of spirituality that was comfortable for us and our family both. Overall she was very open-minded, sweet, punctual, funny and understanding. Thank you Reverend Bonnie!!

  • Celebrating Love

    Reverend Bonnie Berger was all we could have hoped for and more! She responded promptly to us every step of the way, fit us in on short notice to her packed holiday schedule, and created a truly beautiful and perfect ceremony for us. It was such a touching and intimate ceremony.
    We were traveling to DC from Atlanta, and she made all of it so easy for us - we practically did nothing but show up! THANK YOU REVEREND BONNIE!

  • Celebrating Love

    Rev. Bonnie was a wonderful officiant. We are so thankful we found her. We were glad she offered to meet us in person prior to signing a contract. We felt like we clicked with her right away. The planning meeting we had with her closer to our wedding was really excellent, too. Rev. Bonnie was very organized and on top of everything we needed to plan, but she was also very warm and made us feel at ease. In the hectic month prior to our wedding, it was really wonderful to sit down with her and remember why we chose to get married. The customized ceremony she designed for us was just perfect. She was very sensitive to our needs and requests. The ceremony was personal and intimate, and had everyone tearing up (tears of joy, of course). We would highly recommend Rev. Bonnie as a wedding officiant

  • Celebrating Love

    My bride and I were truly blessed to have found Rev. Bonnie. From the moment she responded to my first email until she pronounced us united in marriage, I felt a very nurturing genuine connection as though we were her only couple. She took care of all the details in a very organized and professional manner. Her responses were all quick, kind, and witty. By the time we married, I felt as if she knew us and that I had a dear friend. Because we were traveling to DC from Georgia, she took care of the details of applying for and collecting our marriage licence and certificate. We had a lovely visit on Skype where she took the time to get to know us so that she could write a personal and meaningful ceremony for our wedding. She provided us with many suggestions but was also flexible with our wishes. If I knew then what I know now, I would employ Rev. Bonnie again but this time I would have the service recorded because there is no way to explain the joyous and loving experience. It felt magical to us. All our friends and family commented on how touching and personal our wedding was on that beautiful April afternoon. One of my friends asked me if we had written the ceremony, but it was all Rev. Bonnie.

  • Celebrating Love
    April 5, 2013

    Yelena and Marie: "We had an a awesome wedding and with the little time that we had to plan it, we really liked having Rev. Bonnie. We will never forget our wedding day. She did an awesome job. I wouldn't change a thing! Thank you Rev. Bonnie!"

  • Celebrating Love
    March 10, 2013

    Kimberly and Gwendolyn: "This was the best day of our lives. Reverend Bonnie provided love and joy to make this day as wonderful as the love of our union. If you want an experience such as the one we had, this is the officiant for you. Reverend Bonnie minimizes the stress of paperwork and helps you focus on your big day. Thank you and we will never forget you or this day."

  • Celebrating Love
    March 1, 2013

    Nance and Ron & James and Jim: "My son and I deceided our double wedding would be in MD. within a month. The task of finding a person to officiate our double wedding ceremony began. With great surprise what we thought would be the hardest task, turned out the easiest and best. The best choice we made was to have Rev. Bonnie officiate our ceremonies. This was not an easy task as she was to perform a Christian wedding for my fiance and I and my son and his partner. I was amazed to say the least at the unbelieveable ceremony Rev. Bonnie put together for the four of us. She took time to get to know us and time to make sure nothing went unsaid. She added her own special touches and the entire congregation commented on how beautiful the ceremony was. We are thankful to her for making our day so special and beautiful. We will never forget her and the service she delivered. It is with great pleasure that I would recommend her to anyone looking to find and officiant. Without doubt a first class minister."

  • Celebrating Love
    April 7, 2013

    Frank and Jerry: "Rev. Bonnie performed our wedding ceremony, on our 20th anniversary. She took time to get to know us, during our initial interview, and kept us at ease throughout the entire process. We are joyously pleased with our ceremony. Our family and friends expressed how wonderful they thought of her professionalism. Not only have we found a spiritual guide, but someone whom we now call our friend."

  • Celebrating Love

    Rev. Bonnie provided Dennis and I with a experience of a lifetime. She was there for us for anything, and anytime we needed her she was very caring and compassionate and she made us feel like we had been knowing her for years. She gave us a day to remember for years to come.

  • Celebrating Love

    Rev Bonnie was amazing. All of our guests commented on how moving her ceremony was. We planned our wedding from California and since we were unable to meet her in person, we scheduled a meeting via Skype so she could get to know us. During her ceremony she spoke about my wife and I as if she had known the two of us for years. She was also extemely flexible with us. We added a rehearsal at the last minute and Rev Bonnie was able to be there. I will absolutely recommend her to everyone I know!

  • Celebrating Love

    Rev. Bonnie was great! We loved the vows and the people who attended even asked for copies. She was flexible enough to understand the need to shorten the ceremony as we were in 104 degree heat outdoors. We were very happy with her officiating at our wedding.

  • Celebrating Love

    My husband and I were struggling up to the last minute to find an officiant that could meet all of our needs. We found Rev Bonnie just in time! She worked with us extensively to create the perfect ceremony. The ceremony was personal and engaging, and most importantly, it truly reflected the two of us and the love we have for eachother. Rev Bonnie was so accomodating and flexible with us. Although the wedding was in DC, we currently live in Florida, so Rev Bonnie actually prepared our ceremony from a distance. She created meetings over skype, scheduled several telephone calls, etc. We received so many compliments about the ceremony. It was truly the best part of our special day. Thank you, Rev Bonnie!!

  • Celebrating Love
    3-31-12; Alice and Paul

    "We loved having Reverend Bonnie officiate our wedding ceremony. Not only was the ceremony perfect, but we felt that we gained a friend as well. In addition, during our interview, she helped us to articulate the traits that we value and adore in one another. That, along with the ceremony, are memories that we will cherish forever."

  • Celebrating Love
    3-30-12; Andrea and June

    "It was a great ceremony which Rev. Berger guided us through the thought process for what we really wanted on our special day.

    It was Marvelous!!"

  • Celebrating Love
    5-5-12; Maggie and Gareth

    "My husband and I hired Bonnie to officiate our ceremony. From the very beginning, she was extremely responsive and flexible. Bonnie helped us craft a personal ceremony that took into account our cultural backgrounds, personal beliefs, and family. For example, we worked with her to incorporate our guests doing some spanish during the ceremony. She made suggestions, sent us her thoughts and proposals, but was receptive to our desires.

    One of the things that worried me about hiring an officiant is that the ceremony wouldn't be personal. But Bonnie gave a wonderful speech about us at the wedding. The ceremony went off flawlessly. Lots of people commented afterwards about how much they enjoyed it.

    Finally, Bonnie was always on time and extremely responsive. She was professional the day of the ceremony and was checking in with us up to the last minute to make sure everything was ok. Bonnie also helped coordinate our rehearsal, and she worked very well with our wedding party."

  • Celebrating Love
    2-14-12; Beth and Amy

    "Rev Bonnie made the whole process very easy. She answered our questions, did all the leg work, and conducted a lovely ceremony. We would definitely recommend her."

  • Celebrating Love
    September 27, 2011

    Shawn and Britt: "Your kind, loving spirit made our wedding more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. Everything you said and did was above and beyond our expectations. We are so grateful to you and to God for blessing us with the perfect person to perform our ceremony."

  • Celebrating Love
    September 24, 2011

    Kristi and Corey: "Thank you so much for such a beautiful ceremony and making our day so memorable. We have received so many compliments and heard numerous times that it was the prettiest and best ceremony people had been to. Thanks for everything."

  • Celebrating Love

    Donna “We would like to thank you for making everything go so smoothly. Getting married is a stressful time, but you took the stress out of it. I finally found my soul mate, who is now my wife. Thanks for everything you have done for us.”

    Connie “I never thought I would ever find the right woman. After 30 years of searching and heart break, Donna found me… Rev. Bonnie made the rest of my dream come true, to be able to marry Donna and make her my wife. With much love and gratitude, thank you both, Donna and Rev. Bonnie.”

  • Celebrating Love

    Tammy and Catherine: "We've been telling many of our gay, lesbian and straight friends about our ceremony and our experience working with you to make it all happen. We hope that in the not to distant future some of them look you up to perform their ceremony when they come to DC- we know they will be as happy as we are with our decision to work with you. You're an amazing woman doing amazing work!"

  • Celebrating Love

    "My husband and I couldn't have found someone better than Rev. Bonnie Berger! Rev. Bonnie is very personable, trustworthy and most importantly respectful. She focuses on making sure every detail of your ceremony is as perfect as it can possibly be. She is a very kind hearted woman with an exceptional personality! We cannot describe enough how amazing she is! If you haven't found the perfect officiant now you have! Call her immediately we promise you won't regret it! Thank you Rev. Bonnie for everything your services were perfect for our needs!!!" Kristi & Ron

  • Celebrating Love

    "Rev Bonnie, thank you for such a great ceremony. Our family and friends were deeply moved by your words. Thank you for making our day so very special. Everyone thought you knew us forever." Silver and Lorraine

  • Valentine's Day 2011

    "Rev. Berger was very thoughtful in everything she did from the time we first made contact. She was always in contact with how things were going from step by step. She even sacrificed her Valentines day with her loved one to make our wedding day as honored and meaningful as it should have been. That meant a lot! She got to know us and that made our ceremony personal and not just cookie cuter. I have and still would recommend her to any couple."

  • Weddings Galore
    December 2010

    We can't tell you how happy we are to have had your guidance and knowledge through this amazing event in our lives!

    "There are so few people we meet along the way who really make you feel as if they've known you for years, and Rev. Bonnie is precisely that! She listened to us as a couple, but also as individuals-and every step of the way we felt as tho' we were the only people she had under her wing.

    We are not only blessed to have found each other-- but to have someone like Rev. Bonnie in our 'world' now!"

  • Michael and Victoria
    November 2010

    "Thank you for performing such a beautiful ceremony in our backyard. Your comments and reflections, especially the personal observations, made it a very special part of our special day."

  • Weddings Galore
    September 16, 2010; At the Jefferson Memorial!

    Michelle and Trae from Austrailia. "Everyone who has witnessed this video {from the ceremony} have been inspired by your words. They are just overwhelmed by your love and honesty. You are AMAZING, thank you, thank you, thank you. We love you. xxxxx"

  • Weddings Galore

    Dear Rev. Bonnie,
    We planned almost every detail of our wedding and thought we knew what to expect for the day. However your ability
    to turn what we expected to be a simple "rote" ceremony into something moving and personal was an amazing gift! We especially loved the blessing of the rings and will always keep your words in our hearts. Our guests were blown away by your eloquence and humor. You added so much to our special day.
    With Love
    Fran & Karen

  • Weddings Galore

    "Thank you for making our Wedding Day FANTASTIC… The ceremony-vows-blessing of the rings… Most magically-emotional and just what we wanted. You helped make our day PICTURE PERFECT!!! Thank you" Darryl & Joe Newly Married!

  • "Bonnie, Thank you so much. We could not have
    asked for a more beautiful day and ceremony. You truly are wonderful and we are honored to have had our union blessed by you. Much love!" Eddie and Tony

  • "Thank you so much for a beautiful day. We felt truly blessed to have you there with us in the presence of our friends and family." Yvonne and Myra

  • "Rev. Bonnie, thank you for making our wedding everything I dreamed of. The entire tone of the service was lovely and we liked how you interwove comments throughout the service that reflected who we are as a couple. We can't thank you enough!!!!" Diana and Lynn

  • "Friends & Family still talk about how beautiful our ceremony was! Thank you again for making our wedding day that much more special! So much love!!!" Sunshine and Chris

  • "I am truly blessed to have found you to officiate our wedding. You made process easy to navigate through in dealing with the Courthouse and took special care in making our ceremony personal and spiritual. You took the time to get to know us and sincerely cared to help us have a beautiful, meaningful, heartfelt ceremony.... ...Thank you for everything and I hope others will make you a part of their special day." Marianne and Donna

  • Terry and Reggie on a rooftop near National's Stadium, Wash, DC

  • Kevia and Nette from an article in the Sunday June 6, 2010 Washington Post. More »

  • "It was a wonderful ceremony. "Thank you, Rev. Bonnie. You conducted our ceremony exactly as we had hoped. It was perfect. We are recommending you to our friends already! Much Love,xx Randy and Dan" (photo by Colin Hovde)

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